Thursday, April 12, 2012

.......and we're back

I know... I know..... where the hell have I been? (doubtful that anyone even noticed that it's been almost a year since my last post LOL)
The last 12 months.... either been too busy to blog or really didn't feel I had anything worth putting up that anyone would give a crap about reading. But as it's deathly quiet in my home at the moment...and it's a dark and rainy day.... sort of felt like it was time.
I could spend forever updating of the last 12 months......but that seems like a bit of a time waster. Not much has changed. I'm 100% working from home now. Hubby aquired a company in Red Deer, so since October he's been working Monday to Thursday/Friday there and come homes on weekends. Not a great situation - but it is what it is...
Of most recent, hubby and I took the three youngest kids to Disneyland. They first trip and first fight.... they did very well. The trip was amazing. Walked until our feet felt like bloody stumps.... felt a bit like I needed a vacation from the vacation when we got home - but that's not likely to happen. I wouldn't say that it was necessarily a break for me. I'm really hoping or one of those soon. The last couple vacations have been those hectic try and see everything you possibly can.... now I really need one of those lay in the sun and do as little as humanly possible vacations. Again, doubtful... but a girl can dream.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've lived in Calgary most of my 35 years, and although we don't experience real hurricanes, I can say that I have survived a hurricane of the human kind. She blew in...stirred everything up....left some damage (repair may or may not happen)...and now she's left. All I have to say to that is, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

A sigh of relief & rejoice is heard throughout the land. Moving on.

I did some planting over the weekend. Of course, on the day I did this there was a gala force wind, but I so badly wanted to get it done that I just carried on. (weather today - sunny and no wind....figures). I'm doing some flowers & some edibles. Tomatoes, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, asparagus... so we'll see how those go. I'm going to do more food type stuff... but this is just a start. For flowers I did things that were recommended as very easy to grow, and will come back each year....bleeding hearts have always been a favorite of mine, so they went in...and some other things that looked great but off the top of my head, cant remember their names. I still have room in my flower I need to get some more bulbs in the ground.... and then in a week or so (weather pending), I'll put in some colorful bedding plants to really pretty it up. Should look really good when everything is popping up. Pool will go up in a week or so. Bought a larger one than we've had in previous years as now we have a bigger yard...and the kids are bigger pool. As we're sticking close to home this summer, between the pool & Calaway Park passes, that should keep kids entertained.

I cant believe that it's already so close to summer. That was a very fast school year.....hoping it slows down during summer so we can enjoy it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

6 weeks left.....

The count down is on until the end of the school year. 6 weeks left!! The mass field trip forms have started coming home and the newsletters regarding next school year. Once Easter Break is over, end of the school year really sneaks up on me. I really look forward to it. Last summer was spent in a constant state of stress & uncertainty regarding the this summer is going to be a welcome 2 months of r&r. We dont have any huge summer plans, staying around home & getting some yard stuff done. Which is fine with me. With Cody working and Keith really busy with the business, it will be good to have a low key summer. I'm not sure what my work hours will be like during the summer. Will most likely depend on Cody's work schedule as he is my babysitter. But I doubt I'll have to go in very often, so tanning on the deck it is :)

Mother's Day was yesterday and it was wonderful. Keith and the kids made a wonderful brunch, I was showered with gifts, cards and lots of hugs & kisses. Keith bbq'd dinner...YUM! It was a great day!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

One Down.....

So, as mentioned a few posts ago, I am doing the 100 book challenge. Despite a crazy busy weekend, I managed to finish 'Pride & Prejudice'. It was a great story - although I found it a bit tough at times as the vocab was from like a million years which I became very thankful that people do not speak like that anymore LOL
I think it's once of those, "glad I read it, but unlikely I'll read it again". There are a few more though on the book list that I'm also certain are from that same era, but maybe now that I have some experience with it, the upcoming ones wont be so difficult.
So, the next book on the list says 'The Lord of the Rings'....which I'm taking to mean the trilogy. So, I downloaded it onto my iPad yesterday and began it last night. I'm actually really looking forward these ones as I've seen the movies and loved them, I'm looking forward to the books. I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Since getting together with my fabulous husband, he has made me a better person - a happier person. He has taught me to be strong, independent and has shown me that I am smart, deserving of love and am a good person. Since being with him, I am more confident and rarely say the word 'cant' anymore. I love him so much! On a lighter note, one thing that he introduced me to is the world of musicals. Sure, before him I knew they existed, but I had never attended one until I married him. There are some I've seen that I LOVED and some that I'm glad I've seen, but probably wont see again. Our daughters have followed our lead and also now share a great love for musicals. Keith took them to see 'The Wizard of Oz' in January... and now in July, I get to take them to see....

YAY!!!!! I've seen it before when Keith and I traveled to the UK for a holiday a couple of years ago. The moment I saw it I knew that if it ever came to Calgary, come hell or high water, I would take them. So, my fabulous hubby bought us FANTASTIC Wicked in July and then Beauty And The Beast in January....then he and the boys are heading to see the Blue Man Group next March.

I cant wait to take my girls to this! We've already decided that a pre-wicked shopping trip is needed for new sun dresses & flip flops (as the show is in July) and dinner after wards will also be a must! Cant wait!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Proud Mommy!

For the past few months, the children & staff at Bearspaw School have been working on hard on a very special performance. They have joined forces with the Calgary Opera and have been working on an Opera... 'Bearspaw Time'. It is such a huge deal that the media coverage is crazy & they had to hold 4 shows....2 matinees and 2 evening dinner performances. In order to involve all the students, they split them into 2 choirs, which meant that in order for me to see all my kids, I get to see it twice. Cole & Brooklyn (Zachary did not want to participate as this was way too much for him to handle) are in Choir A and Emilie & Morgan are in Choir B. I'm attending both afternoon performances. Today, Zachary & I went and watched Cole and was awesome! Of course, the element of surprise was great as the kids had kept all the music and the story line completely under wraps -- so tomorrow, it might be a bit lacking as I already know how it ends ;) Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going on my own to watch Emilie and Morgan. The night time performances are opposite their day time performance (so tonight Emilie & Morgan hit the stage - and tomorrow...well you get the idea). Thankfully, the costume was jeans, a plain white shirt (of any style) and a bandanna (any color and anywhere on your body). Very simple & cute!
You sort of assume the older kids will do well as, well, they're the older kids. It's easy for them to behave through a 50 minute performance, remember their lines & do a good job. But for my wee ones.... watching Miss Brooklyn today was definitely something I will never forget. She is a lover of the stage. Not only did she remember all her words & the actions....she has some swagger. She has some definite flair - you'd think she'd spent her life performing. We'll have to check pursue that as she is already sad that tomorrow the Opera is over.
Cole, of course, is also a very animated guy and he added his own personality into the performance. He did a great job!
I'm so excited to see Emilie & Morgan perform it tomorrow :) Morgan has been so excited and Emilie is a lot like Brooklyn in that if there is a stage and someone to listen, a performance must happen. I am ALWAYS proud of my children....this week is just a little bit more :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

How I Feel.....

Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words.... so, this picture pretty much sums it up. There is something to be said for the power of the sun. We get pretty gorgeous sunrises & sunsets in our new digs. (Not sure if I can still consider it new as we've been here now for 7 months). I love it out here! Even with the construction going on - honestly, I barely even notice it.
I'm starting to plan for what flowers I want to put out. The new patio furniture I want. Plans for the yard..... plans for summer....

I believe that people are responsible for making their own happiness. If you are not happy with how things are going in our life, you need to make the right choices/decisions to make things how you want them. Some of those decisions are easier than others. I've made some of these decision. Some of them were one decision - cut and dry. Others, have been small choices that then led to the big change. Sometimes, in the process of making these changes, I would wonder if I was doing the right thing...for me...for my children.... interestingly enough, they were absolutely the right choices.

Well it's bound to be an exciting week at our house. My 5 youngest are involved in an awesome musical production at their school. There is local media coverage and everything so I'm going to post some of it up here in a couple of days when the performances have happened. Also, looking forward to a great weekend with friends. And with this gorgeous weather we're having.....Happy Spring!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Great Day

I think there are few days that are actually 'Great'.... not saying that days are always bad, but usually just normal, good days. Today, was pretty great!
It started with 2 hours of complete me time this morning. This did require me waking up (no alarm clock) at 7am, but when I tried to decide whether to try and fall back asleep or to get up, I thought to myself "I would have complete peace", so up I got. While my Van Houtte was brewing, I let the dogs out, watched the dozens of birds eating at the bird feeders, let the dogs back in, took my steaming cup of good morning, my recently purchased copy of 'Pride and Prejudice", a blanket that was my Grandpa's and on the couch I landed. 2 glorious hours of reading, watching the sun rise.... when a day starts like that can it go bad? Probably, but not today.
By 9:30am I had to wake the kids up as we had errands to run. Shoe shopping for the three youngest as last weeks massive house cleaning left them without sneakers that fit. So since I also to take a child to Chestermere for a sleepover birthday party and a gift was needed, we were headed to WalMart. Very easy & productive trip. Took our road trip to Chestermere to drop off the sleepover child. Then home we came with the task of doing as little as possible once the homemade chili was simmering on the stove. The rest of the day was basically reading, watching the kids play outside (YAY!) and stirring the chili once in a while. It was just a great day!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Challenge!

So I came across this thing on Facebook where it asked you to take a survey on which books you've read of this list of 100 top books. I do not think there was one that I've read. So, I've made the goal to read EVERY book on the list -- in order -- which my girl T has informed me is going to be work :) She's going to do it with me and at least I'm not in this alone.
The first book on the list is....

I've heard of this...I've heard there is also a movie version (.... ok, I wont).... and I was relieved when I stopped at Chapters today that it's not a very long book and it was only $10.99

So, tonight I will begin. Hopefully it's an exciting read...if not, you'll hear about it!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have lived in Calgary most of my life and it still pisses me off when the weather freaks out. +13 a few days is now -2 and an absolute blizzard outside. I'm a summer girl. Born in the summer. Love to lay out in the sun. Never say 'it's too hot'.... perhaps living in the snow capital of the world (or that's what I think) might not be a good match for me. Alas, this is where we are.

Yesterday we took on 'operation disaster zone'....a.k.a. the girls' bedroom. Good lord! It was so bad that to just walk in and clean it up would have been impossible. So, we hauled everything except furniture upstairs to the living room and the task began. 8 bags of trash later and almost that many loads of laundry - a beautiful & clean room is born. I've threatened them with their lives if they ever trash it like that again - we'll see how long it lasts before I have to lay down the lay again ;)