Thursday, April 12, 2012

.......and we're back

I know... I know..... where the hell have I been? (doubtful that anyone even noticed that it's been almost a year since my last post LOL)
The last 12 months.... either been too busy to blog or really didn't feel I had anything worth putting up that anyone would give a crap about reading. But as it's deathly quiet in my home at the moment...and it's a dark and rainy day.... sort of felt like it was time.
I could spend forever updating of the last 12 months......but that seems like a bit of a time waster. Not much has changed. I'm 100% working from home now. Hubby aquired a company in Red Deer, so since October he's been working Monday to Thursday/Friday there and come homes on weekends. Not a great situation - but it is what it is...
Of most recent, hubby and I took the three youngest kids to Disneyland. They first trip and first fight.... they did very well. The trip was amazing. Walked until our feet felt like bloody stumps.... felt a bit like I needed a vacation from the vacation when we got home - but that's not likely to happen. I wouldn't say that it was necessarily a break for me. I'm really hoping or one of those soon. The last couple vacations have been those hectic try and see everything you possibly can.... now I really need one of those lay in the sun and do as little as humanly possible vacations. Again, doubtful... but a girl can dream.

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